everything is a competition unless I’m losing and then fuck off not everything has to be a competition asshole

We’re #afirelove πŸ’š
@teddysphotos I love this song so much, thank you for making your #edschoice #xtour (at Staples Center)

@teddysphotos #imamess #xtour πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š (at Staples Center)



nicki performing anaconda. taylor swift having all females playing the instruments during her performance. fifth harmony being the first girl group in YEARS to win a VMA. beyonce basically PREACHING feminism to the crowd. thank you God

plus lorde, a 17 year old girl, winning in a category made entirely of adult men


my mum just told me to β€œstop being so depressed all the time”


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